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This long awaited second edition is even more comprehensive than before dealing with the background, changes and essence of strata title.


It provides many tips and strategies as to how strata companies can be better managed and administered in this State.


For example, it includes more information on procedures to convene and run effective meetings, what needs to be included in minutes, how the council is to be elected and especially – how to interpret a strata plan.


The book should be compulsory reading for every individual who is involved in the day-to-day affairs of a strata company. At least one copy should be acquired for study by council members.




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Everything you need to know about strata titles in WA.




UNDERSTANDING STRATA TITLES - a guide to the management and administration of strata companies in Western Australia.






Recently, the Strata Titles Institute of WA (known as STIWA) changed its name to Strata Community Australia (WA) Inc, or as abbreviated – SCA(WA).


At the same time, all other States agreed to do the same so that Nationally, the name is identical with only the initials of the relevant State to signify its domicile.


Throughout my book, reference is made to STWA. All that is required is to notionally replace the acronym STIWA with the new - SCA(WA).


The website is: You may now contact the Administrative Officer on


One of the most important objectives of SCA(WA) is the professional development of strata managers. A new Certificate IV course is presently being developed through the NSW OTEN (a TAFE organisation) to enable mangers and members of the public to acquire a recognised Australia-wide Certificate in strata management.


Most recently, a Parliamentary Enquiry has strongly supported the licensing and registration of strata managers, similar to that which has been in place for real estate agents for many years and which is already in existence in some States. The Government’s decision on the recommendations is awaited. It has the unqualified support of SCA(WA).

John Angus, well known strata specialist, is proud to present his new book.

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