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Specialised Training for Strata Companies


‘Coaching’ the Council


An educative training presentation – a ‘coaching clinic’ – a consultative process - whereby elected strata company councils are guided through the Act and the standard by-laws so as to ascertain their duties and obligations, the limitations imposed by the Act and how best they may relate to all the owners within a strata scheme.


The presentation also deals with the sometimes awkward relationship between strata companies and strata managers.


This is a cost effective and time-saving method with the potential to create efficiencies and better performance within a strata company.


As you will begin to appreciate within the body of this book, the council of the strata company is the most important cog in the strata company machine.


A poorly educated council will most likely limit the success of the strata company in its day-to-day operations irrespective of whether a strata manager has been appointed or not.


Contact the author, John Angus of Angus Strata & Property Resources if you would like to learn more.


John Angus 0419 040 729


John Angus, well known strata specialist, is proud to present his new book.

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