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John Angus, well known strata specialist, is proud to present his new book.

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UNDERSTANDING STRATA TITLES - a guide to the management and administration of strata companies in Western Australia.

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Landgate provides an advice service on certain strata matters, but limited to issues concerning the registration of the strata plans and the title.


The officers at Landgate may provide very limited advice on the management issues relating to the administration of a strata scheme. Essentially, such advice is contained in Landgate’s publication A Guide to Strata Titles and other publications located on its website at: www.landgate.wa.gov.au Telephone the enquiry line: 9273 7044.





Real Estate Public Enquiries.

REIWA operates a daily enquiry line for the public whereby staff or licensed real estate agent volunteers provide answers to the many real estate queries that arise in the purchase and sale of property.


The Institute endeavours to respond to enquiries on strata matters and is able to refer an enquirer to specialists where necessary. Phone REIWA on 9380 8222 or email to – craig.bradley@reiwa.com.au  REIWA’s website is: www.reiwa.com.au





Specialist Consultants, Strata Managers

Call STIWA (9361 0411) for a list of names or visit the website: www.stiwa.com.au and view the Members panel.

Email: admin.wa@stratacommunity.org.au


The Institute has now commenced  a Public Enquiries facility for all kinds of strata management questions. It operates on Tuesdays between 10.am and 11am.

Phone 9470 3516.




Membership & Referral

Contact the Australian Property Institute (WA Division) on

9474 2784 or visit the website: www.propertyinstitute-wa.com 


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